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The origin of this company dates back to the year 1948 wherein the late Sh. Shadi Ram Gupta established M/S Gupta Mechanical & Sundry Stores from which we have progressed gradually and steadfastly.

Later on Sh. Shiv Om Gupta set the pace and focus for our pioneer entry into the field of Rice Mill Parts & Industrial Machinery Tools, followed by Mr.Om Lalit Gupta and further diversification into Indian Railways.

An unwavering commitment to innovation and technological advancements, together with a focus on customer satisfaction, has been our defining creed and key to our success. Whilst being leaders in our core competencies, we have been quick to identify and invest in opportunities in allied fields as well as diverse sectors, where our managerial and technical expertise helped us to provide our customers with total turnkey solutions and maximum satisfaction.
The Group is currently headed by the third generation Mr. Om Lalit Gupta, Group Managing Director of GMSS Group, integrating and upholding the strict code of ethics outlined by our founder.

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